2023 Summer Price Breakdown

The purpose of Lake Monsters LC is to get as many players on the field as possible and help them improve for their upcoming HS season!  

As everyone of them is volunteering their time, the hope is to at least help our Coaches break even during our Summer and Fall seasons.  

Below you will find a price breakdown of all fees.  

It is broken down per team and then per player.  

Each team will have 2 Coaches with a minimum of 20 players and a maximum of 26.  

We have averaged the price per player based off of a 20 player team.  

Please note that we have also added in an extra $100 to account for taxes and fees that are associated with the tournament registrations. The $1,500 is before those taxes which is why the tournament fee per player is higher than $75 which is what it equals out to prior to taxes and fees. 

If you played this past Summer or Fall and have your uniform, you do not need to order another one.  Please make sure to fill out which uniform number you currently have during registration. 

If you are a new player, or did not play with us last Summer or last Fall, please make sure you select the "I Need a Uniform" option when registering.  This is where you will enter in your sizes and top choices for your Jersey Number.  Based on number availability you will be assigned a number you have chosen and it will be ordered for you. 

Team Fees

Coaching - $2,100

(2 Coaches / 8 Practices / 2 Tournaments)

Beat the Heat - $1,600

2023 Carolina Open - $1,600 

Performance Speed Training - $450

Coaching Mileage  - $520

Coaches Hotel - $360

Coaches Tourney Meals - $480

Team Total - $7,110

Individual Player Fees

Coaching - $105

(2 Coaches / 8 Practices / 2 Tournaments)

Myrtle Beach Fall CLAXIC - $80

Carolina Fall Classic - $80

Performance Speed Training - $22

Coaching Mileage, Hotels, & Meals - $68

Returning Player Total - $355

New Player Total - $400

(Team Reversible & Shorts: $45)