Teams for this Summer

11U Boys

(2030 & 2031)

Players on this team are rising 6th and 5th graders who graduate in 2030 & 2031Younger players (8 years old) with experience are also welcome to play. We are accepting new players for this team, but at this level, playing Rec or with us this past summer / fall would be preferred.

MS Boys 

(2028 / 2029)

Players on this team are rising 8th & 7th graders who graduate in 2028 & 2029.  We are accepting new players, but at this level, having a few seasons of Rec experience is preferred. If we do not have enough players to field a team at this level, they will be combined with the 14U (2027) and play at that level.

14U Boys 


Players on this team are rising 9th graders who graduate in 2027.  Players on this team have played Rec or with us this past fall /summer and or B/C-Team or JV during the 2023 HS Season.  We will combine players from the 2028 & 2027 Classes to fill this team out if necessary.  

15U Boys


This team will be made up of rising Sophomores in the 2026  Class. If there are not enough Sophomores to create a full team.  They will be combined with the 2027 (Freshman) team. Or they will be moved up to play with the Juniors & Seniors at the HS A Level. Players on this team played at either the JV or Varsity Level during the 2023 HS Season. 


(2025 & 2024)

This team will be composed of rising Juniors from the 2025 Class and rising Seniors from the 2024 Class. We will also move up any Sophomores or Freshman playing at a high level. These are players who played at the JV or Varsity level during the 2023 HS Season.  

All of the above teams are subject to change based on the final amount of registrations at each level. 

All players will be initially placed with their true age appropriate team.   

Our first practice night will be scrimmaged based to let everyone play and give coaches an idea of which level will suit each player best. 

If there are not enough players to form a team at your age group, players who have registered will have the option to move up a level so that they can still play this Fall.

Our goal is to have at least 20 - 24 Players per Team (with a Maximum of 26).

This will allow plenty of playing time for all players along with a deep enough bench to account for the long tournament days and possible injuries.